Direct Mail Is A Winner

Direct Mail Is A Winner

direct-mailIs direct mail dead? Old fashioned? Tired and past its best in an interactive age? The answer is a simple no.

Direct Mail is a crucial communication channel which needs be considered when building a successful marketing campaign. It is proven to increase ROI and according to the DMA has a response rate of 30 times that of email.
56% of people believe that print marketing is the most trust worthy form of communication. 66% of consumers keep their mail for over 2 weeks and Direct Mail gets 44% of recipients on to your website.

There is certainly no single way to undertake your marketing strategy – indeed exploring all methods of communication available to you is a must. What is evident though, is that effectiveness increases when different methods of communication are employed as opposed to just the one.

Still unconvinced? Well here are 5 reasons to use Direct Mail:

1) Personalization Digital printing means you can customize and personalize Direct Mail, you’re far more likely to receive a good response rate this way than sending out standardized postcards for example

2) Saturation – While not everyone uses the internet, watches the TV, reads a newspaper or listens to the radio at the same time, everyone does receive mail every day, on a one-to-one basis. You can reach every household you wish to with Direct Mail.

3) The physical element  Receiving mail adds an additional, lasting dimension to the brand experience.

4) Creativity – Direct Mail is unique. We can show you all the different formats, shapes, sizes, colours and materials you can create to make a memorable experience for your customer.

5) New business With Direct Mail you can target a specific audience and attract new business.

Direct Mail continues to be a strong and very successful channel, and the team at Wordtech are here to make your life easier. We draw on our long list of trusted mailing house partners and have vast experience and industry knowledge. We continuously help our clients deliver successful Direct Mail campaigns, which can range from single bespoke projects to campaigns running into their millions.

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