The Top 10 Advantages of Using Postcards

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The Top 10 Advantages of Using Postcards

direct-mailNow, you may be asking, “Why should I be using postcards as opposed to some other marketing tool, such as advertising in my local newspaper?”

Please don’t stop advertising in the paper, if that has worked for you in the past. But if you’re like that business owner described at the beginning of this article, you don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising experiments. With this thought in mind, let’s look at the Top 10 Advantages of Using Postcards:

1. Postcard marketing is affordable, even for the smallest of businesses.

2. When you’re marketing with postcards, your competition doesn’t know it. But they’ll sure know it if you’re advertising in the newspaper!

3. It’s easy to track your results. Your card can tell recipients to bring the card into your store for a special discount. Or it can ask them to use a special ordering code when purchasing from your website.

4. Postcards are versatile. In a single mailing, you can seek business from prospective customers, and solicit repeat business from existing customers. Better yet, a postcard isn’t just something to send through the mail. You can use postcards as oversized business cards, hang tags for your products and mini-information sheets.

5. Your postcards can “brand” you and your business in ways that most marketing materials cannot. If you start and stick to a regular postcard mailing program, you and your business will gain quite a reputation, perhaps even a little notoriety.

6. Testing an offer with postcards is easy. Just send your card to a small group of people and see how many of them respond. If you’re satisfied with the results, then roll out a bigger mailing!

7. Postcards don’t waste people’s time‚Äîthey don’t even have to open an envelope to read your message.

8. Postcards don’t take up a lot of space. Your customers can carry them in their pockets, or carry them in their pocketbooks, for that matter. Hey, some of them might even create a postcard display on their refrigerator door!

9. Postcards are inexpensive to print.

10. Postcards are easy to redeem. If you’re asking your customers to bring your postcard into your store for a special discount, all they have to do is show up with the card.

Or you could include a special tracking code with each card mailing. Just ask recipients to enter that code into the order form on your website, or give it to the operator when they place a telephone order.

The idea behind “Bring this card for a discount!” or “Use this code and get an additional 10% off on your order!” is to give people an incentive to do business with you.

Two Keys to Postcard Marketing Success

We’ve found that there are two keys to postcard marketing success:

1. Being persistent. Send 10-12 postcards to each mailing list each year. Be diligent when it comes to staying in touch with key clients and prospects between postcard mailings. Over the long run, this effort does pay off.

2. Planning the mailing before doing it.