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We work primarily with marketing agencies, distributors, brokers, printers, and non profits. While we will work in almost any industry – our primary fields tend to focus on the following markets:

Non Profit.

From higher education to faith based organizations, and everywhere in between on the non profit spectrum. We cover everything your non profit customers need.

Some examples of non profit organizations we help:

  • Prep Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Religious Organizations
  • Townships and Municipalities


Medical invoices, statements, and enrollment kits are frequent projects. We also handle awareness and direct marketing campaigns for this field.

We understand that your healthcare clients’ data is extremely personal and important. That’s why we employ data security that is HIPAA compliant.



Direct Mail is a huge part of political campaigns’ advertising strategy. We know how to meet deadlines so that political response ads are hitting voters’ mailboxes at the correct time!

Every political campaign is put through our postal optimization application, so that we can make sure you are mailing with every possible postage discount available.



Direct Marketing campaigns are vital to retain customer loyalty as well as finding new customers. Postcards, self-mailers, brochures, or catalogs. Even parcels and packages – WordTech processes every type of mail available.

Direct Mail campaigns for retail clients like:

  • Furniture Stores
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Dentists & Orthodontists
  • Health & Fitness Companies

Financial Services.

Similar to healthcare, we process statements as well as work on the direct mail side of a marketing campaign.

We are staffed to handle daily processing for financial services work. This includes data processing, variable digital printing, and mail fulfillment.
Financial services data is extremely personal and important. Our data protocol is FINRA compliant.