About Us.

The WordTech Group is a full service direct mail company. We are your one stop solution for all your direct mail needs. We are data, mail and postal savings experts who produce campaigns that deliver results.

Meet The Ohanesians

Don’t be intimidated by a tricky last name. It’s Ohanesian: [O-han-e-son]. The name sounds Irish, but it’s Armenian. Ben and Greg Ohanesian are the direct mail industry’s version of the Property Brothers. You’ll likely work with both of them on your projects. Ben helps customers think holistically about their projects and thinks strategically about how to find savings and increased results. Greg is the powerhouse behind production: scheduling your jobs, making sure they run perfectly and getting them to mailboxes on time.
But wait, there’s more! Jessica Ohanesian, Greg’s wife, helps keep everything running behind the scenes from HR to accounting. (By the way, mail is way better than infomercials.)


Why Choose The WordTech Group

From the very first day, the company has been hyper-focused on their customers and providing creative marketing that’s custom tailored.

  • Every campaign is different.

  • Our strategy is customized client by client.

  • We are a full service direct mail company and can help you with every step of your project.

  • We understand postage optimization better than anyone and can save you money.

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The WordTech Group
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