Finding the Right Direct Mail Service for your Political Campaign

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Finding the Right Direct Mail Service for your Political Campaign

So, you want to run for office and you need to reach as many people as possible with your message.  Direct Mail is the best solution for your campaign!  Direct Mail Services refer to the form of advertising that allows you to easily communicate directly with the recipients (voters, in this case). This could include postcards, flyers, brochures, or even booklets.  

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Advantages of direct mail solutions

A Direct Mail campaign is fast, and not difficult to get off the ground…if you know where to look for a great Direct Mail company!  The campaign can be completed, soup to nuts, and ready to deliver within a matter of days.  Modern technology has allowed direct mail to be created quicker, and the strategy excuted more efficiently than in the past.  The USPS also allows direct mail vendors to implement the “red tag” system which signals to the post office that this is a political mailing, and gives it priority over the other mail in the system.

You can also utilize a direct mail company’s knowlege of lists and target marketing to segment by particular demographics or geographic regions.  This allows you to easily send a specific message to a specific list, crafting your mail piece specifically to the wants or needs of a particular type of voter!

Choosing the best direct mail service

This can be the difference between running a successful direct mail campaign, or not!  Finding the right direct mail company is critical to your campaign’s success.  You will want to secure a vendor with experience and a proven track record in political direct mail.  You will want to ensure this direct mail company is up to date and knowledgeable in regards to the postal system.  There are many ways to save money in postage costs, and as this is going to be the biggest single cost associated with your mailing, it is imperative to make sure your vendor has the know-how to handle this area of your mailing.

You also want to make sure you are paying a fair price for your direct mail services.  You don’t want to always look for the cheapest price out there (you get what you pay for).  You also don’t want to assume that just because a certain vendor charges more than everyone else, that their service is better (they could just be taking you for a ride!).  What you should do is gather multiple prices from different vendors (at least 3), and compare their service and their price.  You want to get the best value for your dollars at the end of the day!