Experts in Our Field

Data, Direct Mail, and Deadlines. That’s the world we live, work, and play in on a daily basis. Our customers look to us as value-added members of their business – and together, we partner to help their customers’ marketing efforts.

  • Data Driven – Data is the front-end of every process we have. It’s the most important part of any project. At WordTech, that is recognized, respected, and it drives our business.

  • Results Oriented – Let’s face it…the results of your customers direct marketing campaigns dictate the success, or lack thereof, for your business. We focus our resources to helping you achieve success!

  • 40 Years – Age is only a number! 40 is great…but we are here for you whether it’s our first day working with you, or you’ve been a client for 10 years!

Our Services

Data Intelligence

Smarter data is better marketing and it’s what saves you more money.

Mail Processing

Getting your mail processed correctly and on time is mission critical.