The Top 10 Advantages of Using Postcards

Now, you may be asking, “Why should I be using postcards as opposed to some other marketing tool, such as advertising in my local newspaper?” Please don’t stop advertising

The Value of Direct Mail

Direct Mail can often get pushed aside by marketers who are looking for the latest channel to engage consumers. But direct mail shouldn’t be forgotten, it remains one of

5 Reasons To Use Postcards

While direct mail marketing still leads the industry in cost-per-lead, there’s no doubting that it’s still a large expense on your bottom line. There are quite a few ways

Deadlines for 2016 Holiday Mail

Bulk mailers, be sure to check your holiday mailing deadlines. The Postal Service is expecting an especially busy Christmas season. Some 15 billion pieces of mail, including more than

8 Quick Tips for Postcard Marketing

Did you know that 54% of postcards are either read or scanned by recipients? That makes postcards an affordable way to get your name and brand out to prospects. Also,