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Holiday Marketing Starts Now!

It’s that time of the year again! Well, not for everyone but it certainly is for the marketer. Forget decking the halls and running over grandma. It is the

How To Use Direct Mail Effectively

You’ve just come back from your well deserved vacation and to find that there is a whole mailbox full of circulars and postcards. It’s the last thing you want

Aim for the Perfect Customer

Sending direct mail to people who won’t care about what you’re offering is probably not a good idea. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association estimates that around 22 million

4 Reasons To Choose Direct Mail

One of our Techies brought this article to my attention and I thought it was Supercalifragilisticexpialidotious!  Thanks to our friends at Business 2 Community here are just 4 of

Which Format is Right For Your Business?

Direct mail is a lucrative form of marketing for businesses advertising to other businesses as well as customers. It allows companies to target decision makers directly and get a

Direct Mail Best Practices For Fundraising

Using direct mail for fundraising requires attention to detail and dedication.   To make your direct mail a success you will need to employ as many best practices as possible.

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