Direct Mail tips for Nonprofit Fundraising

Let’s face it — in today’s economy, you have to be more creative than ever in order to successfully solicit donations. Being creative, however, does not mean you abandon

Direct Mail for Nonprofits 101

If you work for a nonprofit, fundraising is one of the biggest challenges your organization will face. Direct Mail is one of the most effective marketing methods for nonprofits

Stop Wasting Postage – The Merge/Purge Process

If you‚Äôre in direct mail, you‚Äôve probably heard of the term ‚Äúmerge-purge.‚Äù No, it‚Äôs not getting sick to your stomach while accelerating to highway speed.  We will define for

10 Direct Mail Fundraising Best Practices

The number of channels available for fundraisers seems almost limitless these days, but the old standby of direct mail continues to be the driving force for funds raised. Thus,

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