Which Format is Right For Your Business?

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Which Format is Right For Your Business?

ball-752070_640Direct mail is a lucrative form of marketing for businesses advertising to other businesses as well as customers. It allows companies to target decision makers directly and get a piece of mail into their hands, radically increasing the possibility of making a sale.

You will want to consider all your options when planning for your next direct mail campaign. Each type of mail has its own pros and cons – so you will want to look and them closely and see which one meets your needs.


Standard Letters

Standard letters typically have the highest response rate for any type of mail you will send out. These letters are best when using personalization, including the envelope. Any chance you have to personalize will increase the likelihood to increase the response rate. You can address it to the person and use a font that looks handwritten.


Postcards are often the most economical option, but they have one more thing going for them—they never need to be opened. This might make it a wise choice for your direct mail campaign. Postcards remind prospects about your business, often prompting more involvement with a call-to-action. This can be an invitation to call, or to visit a PURL. Consider printing it larger than normal to get more eyes on the piece. According to a USPS study, 52% of recipients read postcards.


A self-mailer is self-contained and can be mailed without an envelope or any wrapping. It is usually folded in half and sealed. Using a self-mailer can keep your mailing and printing costs down. These are an option used for advertising a sale, but have very little success if you have a clear and simple offer. Self Mailers require wafer seal tabs to secure them, as well as the requirement of the fold being on the bottom. Click below to receive our template for mail pieces.


Catalogs have a long history in direct mail. Catalogs offer products and offers for a single customer to view. A catalog would tell your customers about a wide selection that offer. Catalogs should be sent at least twice a year- four times a year for better impression.

Our Mail Sizer Template is an exceellent resource for any marketer. Click below to start rocking your mail.