What do you need for a proper variable data print campaign to work?

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What do you need for a proper variable data print campaign to work?

pencil-308509_640.pngFirst, you need to have customer data. Without data, your campaign is just a mail drop. You can start with geography, but the more data you have the greater your customization and the more successful your campaign will be.

Names, addresses and some history – what they bought, when, value or how much they donated, how often, etc. – are all very powerful.

Second, you need to consider your target audience. Ideally the recipient should be a client or prospect with a relatively high lifetime value, who comes with ongoing repetitive opportunities for engagement.  A one-time purchase of a specialty object or service of low value is probably not suitable.

But if a donor can be engaged effectively multiple times or a customer returns to your restaurant or store on a regular basis, then it pays to have as much data as you can gather.  These are the types of clients where the ROI of a more expensive, but effective integrated print and online campaign pay off. 

Online marketing and search has been disruptive to print. And that‚Äôs actually a good thing.  The variable data print solutions available today are light years ahead of where they were just a few years ago.

So build your online channels in concert with your variable print campaigns.  Support them with collaborative content, online chat, e-commerce, webinars and resources. Even follow up calls have been proven to work dramatically better when supporting a printed mail campaign.  The variable data print revolution has created more opportunities for your online and offline marketing efforts to work more effectively together.

Don‚Äôt be missing opportunities to grow your business.  Bring targeted variable data printing into the marketing mix.