Christmas in July? Time To Get Ready!

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Christmas in July? Time To Get Ready!

SantaBeach_addmustard_318305414.jpgWe are getting the holiday started a bit early, in hopes of catching a few of you from falling into that candy cane gift yet again. We have noticed again and again, that the best ROI from marketing comes from those that prepare early.

The Christmas card is the tried and true option.  But what about adding a calendar?  Just Make sure that calendar is worthy of being posted and viewed for 365 days! The Holidays are a great time to stretch your creative muscle with unique pieces that engage the recipient while building brand equity.

Use Holidays to Your Advantage

A key to successful marketing is often reaching consumers during their decision-making process and influencing those decisions by offering something valuable, whether it’s a discount or a solution to a shopping dilemma.

A direct mail campaign can help build awareness during the key holiday purchasing season. Direct mail can help familiarize customers with your brand. Even more so, it can help drive trial purchases when you offer customers something of value in your direct mail piece.

Direct mail can be the tipping point between considering and making a purchase, and having that first successful interaction with a brand can help build loyalty. Once customers have had positive experiences with a brand, those same customers are more likely to consider that brand for similar purchases in the future.


Your direct mail campaign should ideally reach customers at the critical juncture when they are evaluating options but before they make a purchase, and a strong holiday message that conveys value and commitment to their personal successes and happiness is the perfect way to help close that gap.