Using Direct Mail Postcards to Advertise Your Business

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Using Direct Mail Postcards to Advertise Your Business

postcards-456552_640Deciding to use direct mail postcard to advertise your business is a wise decision. Postcards can be one of the most affordable forms of marketing. Besides affordability, postcards can be incredibly versatile; giving you the ability to announce a sale or new product, give support to your current customers and the most important- gain new customers.

Keeping this in mind, the layout and design of your postcard is critical to its success. Your call-to-action should be clear and draw the attention of the reader to take action.

Simple Stands Out         

The first thing to remember for your postcard is to keep the copy as short as possible, while maintaining the quality of the piece and the information. You want the reader to understand the offer, without providing too much information. You don’t want to bore the customer or even prevent them from reading your postcard. You should be focusing your content on a single call-to-action.

The Bold Print

Capture the attention of your reader with the bold print. You can quickly convey the message with just a few words. For instance, “Summer Sale” or “Reserve Your Space Now” are both clear ways to communicate the central message. You can provide the details in a smaller font, but this should also be kept informative.

Just the Facts

Make sure that the details of your headline offer only give the reader what they need to know. If you are promoting an event, give the reader details such as the time, date and location. If you have door prizes or giveaways they should be included with as few words as possible. Only include the contact information that your readers need for this particular event.

The Call-to-Action

This is the most important aspect of your mail. The call to action is critical because it tells the reader what they need to do after reading your postcard. Your website can be used to direct someone for more details

Scripts You Can Read

Fancy scripts might be good for your Christmas cards, but they have no place on a postcard. Use easy-to-read fonts, keeping in mind that the object is to communicate a lot of information quickly. Arial, Times and Georgia are popular fonts.

Look for errors

Triple check your postcard to make sure that it is error free. Consumers will have trouble taking your business seriously if there are even simple errors. Spellcheck is only one of the methods of proofreading. Have another person review it prior to finalizing. Have them look for errors in copy, layout and design. Review the contact information to ensure that it is all correct.

If you have covered your bases and followed all of these suggestions, we are certain that your postcard will have a good return on investment. We will be more than happy to review your postcard layout before you go to print. Just give a ring at 1-800-984-4266 or email us at