Thinking Ahead To Your 2017 Marketing Budget

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Thinking Ahead To Your 2017 Marketing Budget

bigstock_postage_stamps_10011582.jpgAs 2016 rolls to an end, you need to make some important decisions about your 2017 marketing budget.

Determining the breakdown of how to spend limited marketing dollars poses a challenge, but one area no business can afford to overlook is direct mail services.

Continued return on investment forms the basis for marketing purchasing decisions, and direct mail services offer a consistent track record. Plus, with easy tracking and comprehensive services aimed at saving money on mailing costs, direct mail offers marketing at discount prices and top response rates.

Why Choose Direct Mail Services?

Digital advertising offers an increased ROI, $28.50 compared to $7 for direct mail, but the increased conversion rates through direct mail more than make up the difference. The study performed by Direct Marketing Advertising News showed improved response rates up to thirty times (30x!) higher through direct mail. Going forward, as more companies move to digital advertising, direct mail options become even more crucial. Even utilizing both traditional digital advertising mediums, email and display ads, companies have seen reduced conversion rates.

  • Email marketing – Response rates for email only hit around 12 percent, meaning companies must have tremendously large mailing lists for effective email marketing. The low cost on email marketing makes it a great addition to other existing campaigns, but the low response rate means it is not enough on its own.
  • Display marketing – Posting banner ads on numerous sites brings in a few clicks, but in most cases, click-throughs  do not result in sales. The sheer numbers of displays minimizes the impact of each individual banner. Consumers bombarded with multiple avenues of digital advertising simply start to filter out all of the ads, leaving marketers struggling to find new ways to draw attention.

Direct Mail Beats Digital Advertising

Direct mailing efforts are down overall from the economic boom that ended back in 2008 … and this offers you an incredible opportunity. Less mailings means a less congested marketing avenue, improving response rates per mailing. Decreasing competition via mailings makes direct mail services more important than ever.

Here at The WordTech Group, sending out a bulk mailing is easier than ever. Offering help with every step along the way, from design to finalized mailing lists, we help create a unique mailing that catches the eye. Our experts in direct mail help you choose the right size, shape and mail list to stay within the cheapest postage rate and still garner the best conversion numbers. Custom shapes and bright colors help distinguish your mailing from the rest of the clutter, giving you a big edge. Unlike email marketing, where most recipients fail to even open the email, your in-hand mailing at least gets a glance, giving you the opportunity to draw customers in with concise and dramatic text and visuals.

Get in touch with one of our sales representatives at 1-800-984-4266 and learn how to maximize your marketing budget.