Holiday Marketing Starts Now!

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Holiday Marketing Starts Now!

hohohoIt’s that time of the year again! Well, not for everyone but it certainly is for the marketer. Forget decking the halls and running over grandma. It is the time to prepare for your holiday mailer. A good rule of thumb – you want it printed and ready to send by Halloween. This is after all, the largest retail season of the year and one that you don’t want to miss. Think that you are not a good candidate for direct mail? Think again! Consider the end-of-year more than just thanking the customer and wishing them a good holiday. This is a perfect place to both create and nurture life-long customers. Finish your year with an increase in sales- by offering a sale item or a discount on a future service.

Here are a couple ways to take your holiday marketing from HO-HUM to HO-HO-HO!

1.   Target Your Audience

Instead of buying untargeted leads, use a targeted mailing list for your holiday direct mail campaign. This way, you are making sure your advertisement reaches the correct audience of people who are most likely to need your products and/or services. We work with several list companies that are able to create a mailing list based off of your specific needs. You can target your list by age, gender, location, hobbies, shopping habits, and much more. If your store sells pool equipment, you don’t want to send your direct mail campaign to families without a pool. By using highly-targeted lists, you are connecting with people who are actually relevant to your business.

2.   Make it Personal

Personalization can enhance a consumer’s decision to read your direct mail piece by creating a sense of familiarity. It can help tell them that they are a very important part of your business. There are many options when it comes to personalizing a direct mail piece. You can personalize the Direct Mail piece to a specific consumer by including their name in the salutation and address area. You can also use a tailored message or personalized image. Reflect on the structure of the family: If you’re sending the campaign to a family with toddlers, use images that have toddlers in them. For more tips on how to personalize your direct mail piece, check out our previous blog post: Personalize your Direct Mail Marketing

3.   Offer a Good Deal

Holiday time is all about the deal. A good direct mail campaign is not only offering critical information, but it tempts the customer with a irresistible deal. Offering a time-sensitive deal can be a great idea for an end-of-year direct mail campaign. Time-sensitive deals help promote the sense of urgency to redeem the deal before the sale is over, (and before the end-of-year). Be the first in your business time to reach those last-minute shoppers by putting a special offer directly into their hands.

Direct mail marketing stands the test of time ensuring results with continued use. If you start now, you can have 3or 4 solid offers to present to your customer. Since fewer companies are using direct mail, this will give you a better audience, the ability to stand out, and offer useful coupons or services to make you stand out. We are convinced that repetitive showings will increase your ROI.

Click here for the cutoff dates for holiday mail.

If you are interested in discussing a holiday campaign – be it coupons, services or just a holiday card, email us at or call 1-800-984-4266.