The Value of Direct Mail

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The Value of Direct Mail

direct-mail-letterboxDirect Mail can often get pushed aside by marketers who are looking for the latest channel to engage consumers. But direct mail shouldn’t be forgotten, it remains one of the strongest channels in your marketing communications mix.

Our friends at USPS have carried out various studies to help promote the value of direct mail. We’ve used some of their data and other gems we’ve found to put together this blog, all about the value of direct mail.

It’s the truth, people prefer reading print over digital media. Print enables consumers to really engage with what they are reading and receiving mail in the post it makes them feel more valued. These days, with the online world being such a fundamental part of everyday life, people’s inboxes are often full to the brim. So it’s no wonder your marketing message can get lost in the digital atmosphere.

By using Direct Mail and combining it with other marketing channels, it can add that personal touch that is hard to achieve from digital platforms.In fact, 57% that receive an offer by mail will perceive it as more worthwhile than if the same offer was sent to them via email.

Mail will translate your brand into the physical world, creating a strong emotional response as well as a rational one. People place more value on things they can touch. Tangible objects are proven stimulate more of a response rather than just a visual experience. 24% of participants valued something more highly when they were given to opportunity to see and touch it, compared to only seeing it.

At Wordtech we love direct mail and we are passionate about making it work for you. We know as well as you that you can’t just select one channel to communicate with your customers but direct mail is a good start and can work wonders when combined with the right channels. We hope this has given a little insight into how valuable direct mail can be and how we can help.