Creating a Powerful Direct Mail Campaign

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Creating a Powerful Direct Mail Campaign

envelope-23682_640For many businesses, direct mail campaigns form one of the most important parts of their marketing mix. From fund raising to informing your regular clientele of new products and services or advertising an exclusive campaign discount, a direct mail campaign offers one-to-one contact with potential customers and – done right – can result in some pretty impressive conversion rates.

Plan ahead

When it comes to direct mail, it pays to plan ahead. The needs and wants of your customers vary throughout the year and you’ll achieve a bigger response rate if you connect with their immediate requirements. Planning ahead also gives you more time to plan the look and feel of your campaign with your design and content team.

For example, if you’re a beauty business, there’s not much point in offering a spray tan discount in the middle of winter. But a skin rejuvenating facial or a January pamper and products discount might be much better received. If you’re a handyman, theme your campaigns with the seasonal needs of your customers, offering a discount on your most relevant services.

Keep it simple

If you’re mailing out a postcard or flyer space will be limited. Less is definitely more for a direct mail campaign; in fact trying to oversell a product can often have the opposite effect. Your mailing should communicate what is necessary, nothing more. A great headline, a brief explanation of your news, services or offer, a client quote to boost credibility and contact details are often all you need.

Consider your branding

Online or off, your brand should always be at the centre of your communications. A direct mail campaign should be eye-catching – it needs to stand out in a crowded post box – but the design should always reflect your wider brand strategy.

Include a sample

Are you an online only business? Selling products over the Internet can be challenging as consumers are often unable to touch and feel the product before buying. A direct mail campaign provides you with the opportunity to get your product right into the customer’s hands.

Think green

Many consumers are now conscious of environmental issues. Most people recycle and they expect companies they do business with to take a responsible view on how their day-to-day business affects the world around them. Developing an eye-catching flyer that is also environmentally friendly could boost your campaign conversion rate.

Consider your campaign an investment

Investing in high quality design will appeal to consumers’ belief that they are buying something of value. Remember, your campaign represents your brand and business, so if the perceived value is low based on how the communication looks, consumers are unlikely to make a purchase.