The Benefits of Direct Mail

The Benefits of Direct Mail

letters-286541_1280Despite what you may think, direct mail and other traditional marketing methods are not dead. In fact, direct mail may be more relevant than ever because fewer companies are using this method, making it easier for those who do to stand out.

Another benefit of direct mail is the repeat exposure it can bring. Remember that prospects usually need to be exposed to a product six to eight times before they buy. When you reach out with a mail campaign, you’ve checked one of those exposures off the list! From sales letters and fliers to product samples and postcards, getting attention from inside a mailbox is easier and more affordable than ever.

Why Postcards Make Great Marketing Collateral 

When it comes to traditional marketing tactics and direct mail, postcards remain my favorite type of marketing collateral for a bunch of reasons. For starters, they are relatively inexpensive to print and mail. Also, since a small percentage of direct mail is actually opened by recipients, postcards greatly increase your chances of getting people to notice because they stand out in a sea of envelopes. I also favor oversized postcards (8.5 x 5.5) because these really stand out.

Here are some of the ways I use postcards for marketing:

Individual Products and Services — When I launch a new product or service, I usually have a postcard designed. I either rent a mailing list (from a source like and/or send out to my internal mailing list.

Package Inserts — Postcards make great inserts in packages that are mailed out. I like to write a personal note on the back of a postcard when sending something along to a client or a prospect.

Conferences and Events — Postcards also work well on display tables at conferences and events. They are more substantial than a flier and usually have more aesthetic appeal (especially the oversized version).

Bag Stuffers — Recently, I was invited to submit 500 fliers for stuffing in conference bags and instead, I decided to use postcards. In lieu of a purely promotional postcard, I printed up a list of tips for the audience on the front of the card and saved the promotional messaging for the back of the card. My goal was to provide something that attendees might keep or even post next to their desks. In a folder full of basic fliers, my postcard really stood out.

Personal Stationery — There are plenty of places to buy standard business stationery, but for years I have used custom postcards instead of boring note cards. I purchase high-quality photo art from and place a favorite motivational quote across the image. On the back side, I simply include my contact information at the bottom and leave plenty of room for writing a note. Though I love technology and use it every day, I still cherish a handwritten note and try to write them as often as possible.