Purchasing a Direct Mail List

Purchasing a Direct Mail List

pencil-308509_640Purchasing a direct mail list is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful direct mail campaign. As always, having a good, up-to-date mailing list can make or break the results you receive.  Keep in mind; the overall goal is profile the best customers.  Here are a few important first steps to help you achieve that.

  • Identify traits and characteristics that your best customers have.
  • Using these traits and characteristics, match your products and services to each one.
  • Use known behavior patterns to help you target mailings and product offerings.

Now that you know your target audience, you must look into buying a mailing list.  The first thing you should know is that basically everyone gets their data from the same sources.  Then this data is run through public records to get a list that is defined and accurate.  Since a good direct mail list and easily make up 60%-70% of the results it is imperative that you hit that target.

  1. Buy or rent from a company you know.  Cheap is not always the best.  Many online providers are using an older list, or one with different triggers than you need.  You should not cut corners when purchasing a direct mail list.  Mailing Lists are not generally expensive especially since your direct mail success depends on it. Always make sure that the list is current‚Äîit might be well worth the few extra dollars.
  2. Be certain the company are buying from can demonstrate they are providing current data.  Many resellers save money by offering data that is refreshed once a quarter.  Our lists are from approved venders and ensure us that the data is refreshed once a month.
  3. Save money by not mailing undeliverable addresses.  People move often and it is more important than ever to run a (National Change of Address) NCOA report.  This removes any undeliverable addresses before mailing.
  4. Know about the ‚Äútriggers‚Äù you use.  Triggers are what is used to narrow down the list to who you want to reach ‚Äì such as age, income, and language. We also have the ability to select new movers to the area.  The more you know about the target audience , the more accurate these ‚Äútriggers‚Äù can be defined.

Targeted direct mail is the most effective way for a business to get new customers. And don’t forget about the frequency that you mail.