Direct Mail tips for Nonprofit Fundraising

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Direct Mail tips for Nonprofit Fundraising

Let’s face it — in today’s economy, you have to be more creative than ever in order to successfully solicit donations. Being creative, however, does not mean you abandon “tried and true” methods for newer technology! While it’s important to include newer tech media in your marketing mix (email, social media)…direct mail marketing is still the go-to marketing channel when it comes to Nonprofit fundraising.fundraising

Here are some tips and best practices for fundraising success with direct mail:

  • TEST everything: Make sure you are testing your mailings. You should always strive to beat your control…test everything from number of inserts, to envelope type, to addressing font!

  • Keep your direct mail appeals compelling: Keep it simple, to the point, and make sure to include facts, numbers/stats, and color photographs too (where budget allows)
  • Send mail as often as your budget allows: There is a theory that letting donors “sleep” doesn’t do any good! This theory is one that we subscribe to. We believe that donors who gave most recently, are the ones who are also most likely to give again…so send out your mailings as often as you can to make sure the dollars keep coming in, and you are keeping your donors engaged.
  • Treat your best, like the best: You should treat your top donors with extra special care and attention. Make sure you segment out a list just of top donors. Use personalization, a nicer letterhead (stationary), and try to acknowledge their past giving history.