Personalize Your Direct Mail Marketing for Increased ROI

Personalize Your Direct Mail Marketing for Increased ROI

Whether you’re a marketing novice or a seasoned veteran – you likely know that repetition is a key to increasing response for most marketing channels. This concept holds true for direct mail marketing. The idea being the more often you send your message to the same list of consumers, the more real estate you take up in the consumers mind, creating a higher percentage of response rates when your product or service becomes a need or want. This is direct marketing 101!

Now that we know how to increase response rates thru relatively simple methods (repetition) – let’s look at how we can use personalization of your direct mail marketing to boost the response rates, and thus ROI, even further:


Personalization of direct mail has been around for over a decade now! It used to be that Variable Data Printing (VDP) was all the rage in print and direct mail. While it’s still used in successful mailings, the way it is used has evolved. Personalization has really grown in two key ways:

    1. Modern technology has allowed for more sophisticated analytical tools, and we as marketers have grown to be able to better utilize these tools. Segmentation has given marketers the ability to create highly targeted and personalized messages and offers.
    2. Variable Data Printing (VDP) has come a long way! Not only is personalization still integrated into the direct mail piece, but databases have also evolved with technology, so personalization doesn’t just have to be a name anymore. Many VDP pieces now include actual pictures of the consumer’s own home, car, cell phone, etc…
Key industries that have really implemented these practices into their direct mail campaigns are the non-profit, insurance, and financial services industries. They have realized that personalizing as many pieces of their marketing messages as they can will lead to increased response rates thru repitition of their mailings.