5 reasons Direct Mail Services (still) beats E-Mail

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5 reasons Direct Mail Services (still) beats E-Mail

When email marketing first exploded, many business owners started cutting back on direct mailing services. Over time, conversion numbers have revealed that to be a big mistake. Even with the perceived lower cost of email marketing, it does not offer a response rate that makes it worth the effort. Here are five of the most obvious reasons why direct mail services still top the list for effective marketing channels and beat out electronic mail as an effective strategy.
Direct Mail vs Email

  • Better conversion numbers. Yes, direct mail response rates are lower than they were a decade ago, but so are conversion numbers for email. Spamming tactics, an increasing number of online scams and a fear of hackers creates concern among the consumer marketplace. Many industries show email open rates in the double digits, but conversions remain at a disappointing 0.12 percent, while direct mail services produce conversion numbers at an average of 3.4 percent.
  • Guaranteed delivery. An email can be filtered directly into a spam folder without the recipient ever seeing it. Mail must be handled by an actual person. Plus, many email recipients never even open a marketing email, but postcard mailings convey information in just a quick glance.
  • Less competition. Advertising overload is more than a possibility when marketing to the online consumer, it is a fact. Virtually every webpage incorporates banner advertisements, in text links or disruptive pop-ups. Smart phones and apps use advertisements to support their development costs. Ads bombard the average consumer from all directions when they connect digitally. Look at your email box one morning, and figure out the ratio of marketing emails to personal or informational; it might shock you. Direct mail services send out many different advertisements, but the average household only receives a few marketing pieces each day. Compared to the dozens of emails, lower competition means that your mailing is more likely to be read.
  • Gives customers something they can hold in their hand. An email lets you send out an offer to get a free sample, but with direct mail you just send a sample out directly. Cleaning supplies, makeup companies and many other industries have discovered the benefit of giving customers a small sample to whet their appetites. Direct mail is the only way to send out samples to a large group of leads.
  • More personal for better brand building. Repeat customers turn into brand advocates when they perceive your brand as having the best product, and when they have an emotional connection to your company. Email, even when personalized often comes across as sterile, but a letter or card feels more personal. Consumers want an email that sums things up in just a few words, but a letter can offer lots of information. The more personalized format offered by direct mail services builds customer relationships.

Email has its place in any multi-channel marketing campaign, but direct mail should still be your go to method for turning leads into customers and customers into advocates. Higher conversions, more versatile products, less competition and guaranteed delivery make direct mail services on of the top marketing channels in today’s over crowded advertising environment.