How to knock it out of the park on your next direct mail campaign

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How to knock it out of the park on your next direct mail campaign

Here at WordTech, we’re big baseball fans. Only a few weeks left until our beloved Phillies report to spring training. In honor of our favorite pasttime, here is some direct mail knowledge that will help you and your business knock it out of the park!

Direct Mail still represents one of the powerful lead generationtools in the marketing arena. In fact, one can easily argue that direct mail marketing is the best value method for targeting a large audience and gathering data! Equipped with the best audience (data), message (creative), and timing…direct mail can deliver a substantial return on investment, dwarfing that of telemarketing, web, and email. But you have to learn the correct methods, because home run direct mail isn’t easily controlled or leveraged without some marketing know-how and some general knowledge of ever changing postal regulations.


To be effective, your direct mail campaign requires that you hit all three bases in order to cross home plate and score! Let’s round the bases…

1st Base: The LIST: This is your audience…it’s always important to start here. It lines you up and puts home plate in range. Do not overlook or marginalize. Take your time and focus in on your ideal audience. The more targeted your list of prospects, the better your return will be. Also make sure you employ database best practices such as NCOA (national change of address) updates, CASS Certification (address accuracy and standardization) and de-duplication. This will improve your deliverability as well as reduce your postage expenditure.

2nd Base: The MESSAGE: This is your creative, the design/artwork. Now that you’ve nailed down your audience, determining what to say is relatively simple. Don’t say too much! Remember, you don’t have much time to grab the attention of your prospects. Get to the point, and keep it simple! Don’t get too technical, you want your prospect to recognize your Call To Action and respond. Keep the message focused on your prospect, not you! Heed this advice, and your direct mail campaign will have you rounding 2nd Base and heading towards…

3rd BASE: TIMING: Just as Location, Location, Location is to Real Estate…Timing, Timing, Timing, is to Direct Mail Marketing. When is the time right for your prospect to want/need your products and/or services? Well, in certain industries (swimming pools, heating or A/C services, etc…) the timing is dictated by season and geographical regions. For many other industries though, it’s not that simple. This is why repetitiveness is key to Timing. Recurring mailings will ensure that you are taking up some real estate in your prospects mind. So when the time comes for them to buy your product/service, you are at the forefront of their “Where to Look” process.

Direct Mail most definitely works. To achieve great success, you have to plan ahead. Put in the time in the beginning: Definite your target audience, develop a solid message, and make sure you plan to send out recurring mailings. Combining these 3 keys will make your direct mail campaigns more profitable, and achieve the ROI you’ve been looking for…You’ll knock it out of the park!