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Ensure Your Direct Mail Stands Out

Direct mail still has life! Even heavy Internet users continue to view direct mail in a positive manner. It can provide a physical and tangible quality that is lost

April 2016 USPS Rate Change

 I woke up today the world was still here. So it must be true, it  has happened.  USPS has actually lowered their rates!  Rates will fall by an average of 1

Highlights of the 2019 USPS Pricing

 On January 27, 2019, postage rates will increase for First Class Mail, Priority Mail Express (commercial and retail pricing), Priority Mail Express Flat Rate (commercial and retail pricing), Priority

Start Thinking About The Holidays!

It is officially time to start thinking about the holidays as it applys to USPS. USPS is offering suggested mail-by dates for the 2018 holiday mailing and shipping season. Customers

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